Since 2021, I have become a teaching assistant at the School of Design. My teaching courses are usually practical, including social field research and design practice. These courses are carried out in a project-based manner and drawn from actual projects.

Teaching Assistant   (2021-Present)

Cheungkong School of Art & Design, STU

STU Postgraduate: Social research and design (2021 Spring);
STU Postgraduate: Design and project management (2022 Spring);
Postgraduate Graduation Design Project  (2022 Fall);
Bachelor Graduation Design Project  (2021 Fall);
STU DMD3010A: Project management (2022 Fall);
STU DMD5003A: Project practice (2022 Fall);
STU ADP2022A: Cultural inheritance and innovation (2022 Fall)


For better implementation and operation of some projects, I established a consulting firm called "Touching Studio" in 2022. Members include professors and postgraduates from different disciplines and universities. Our studio mainly provides consulting and design services for regions, including planning, visual design and digital services.

Studio Founder   (2021-Present)

Shantou Touch Design Consulting Co., Ltd.


2022-Social innovation design on Island(processing)
2022-Rural revitalization plan of Ecui Village  (processing)
2022-Design social security services for older people, Guangdong
2021-Daya Bay City Investment Company website design, Huizhou

Our centre mainly researches sustainable development in poor villages.  My job is to study the local culture and uniqueness through field research, and then cooperate with the team to produce design.

In the past two years, I participated in two projects, one in a town with rich bamboo forests, and the other on an island that preserves ancient culture.

Researcher   (2020-Present)

Research Center for Rural Art Construction, STU


2022-Social innovation design on Island  (processing);
2020-Rural revitalization plan of Ecui Village

I responsible for the design and implementation of Shantou University's digital services. I need to study how people live in university, then design objects that match their needs, and finally cooperate with external manufacturers to implement them.
With the investment of Bank of China, we have completed these following projects:

Project Manager   (2019-Present)

Network and Information Center, STU


2022-STU Information Visualization Interaction Design;
2022-Shantou University official website design;
2021-Shantou University campus experience optimization design;
2021-Service Design of College Enrollment (2021 A’design award);
2020-Shantou University One-stop Service Design

Ruiqi Yao


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