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Social innovation design on Island

2022 - Present
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In 2022, we launched a social design initiative with local social organisations on Mayu Island, an island with over 400 years of culture, focusing on "cultural resonance". Through a participatory workshop combining anthropology and design, we propose a sustainable development plan for the island and implement it through ongoing design activities. We hope to improve the island's poverty and cultural decay.


Design social security services with older people


In March 2022, we were invited to design digital experiences for ageing. With programmers, related offcials and elders , we simplify the complex process and interface to make it easier for them to read and operate when applying for social security services. The new online service began to be used in Shantou in September. It has now helped about 200,000 older people access social security more easily.


Rural revitalization plan of
Ecui Village


This is a rural planning and design project with 'urban- rural linkage" as the starting point. After conducting field research for three months, we propose a development system that includes nature education and active ageing to change the dilemma of local labour loss and ageing. The core is taking advantage of the unique value of the village and attracting more people to experience and live here.


Applying design thinking and process to cross-departmental collaboration


The program is designed to help schools collaborate across departments to address the complexities of various situations. The project's core concept was to provide a foundational framework for cross-departmental collaboration. They can be flexibly adapted based on the framework according to needs. Specific outputs include an online platform, workshops, and design toolkits to support their information gathering, analysis, and decision-making.


Smooth retail service for university students and faculty


Cooperating with the Choaren Pokphand group, we designed a campus market suitable for the college community. Based on the needs and patterns of students. We invented the entire system for the market, including the logistics system, supermarket layout, commodity strategy, etc.

In 2018, the supermarket "Minishop" was built to provide an efficient and smooth experience for 40,000 teachers and students of Shantou University.

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